Picasa Album Hints to the ASUS Nexus 7?

A Picasa Web Album that has two images allegedly taken from the camera of the upcoming Google Nexus tablet has been spotted online. What gave the images away was their exchangeable image file format or EXIF data. The EXIF data reveals camera settings, resolutions, focal lengths, the date when the image was captured, and other pertinent photo information. In the case of the Picasa photo, it showed that the images had been taken from the Nexus 7 tablet with an Asus camera.

The EXIF data, however, may be altered, so it is not a very reliable source of information. That said, the Picasa images also divulge that the images were taken by a Google+ user called Somit Bh. Moreover, that user’s location is no less than Google’s Mountain View campus. Putting two and two together, it appears that the uploader is a Google employee, or at the very least someone who happens to be in the Google Building 44, the photo’s location, and got hold of the Nexus 7 tablet. A perusal of Somit Bh’s Google+ account also shows that he has many Google employees on his friends network.

As for the images, they are quite unremarkable shots of a white office ceiling and a light source. The image resolution is 1280 x 960 pixels, and possibly taken from a front-facing camera, as this resolution is too low for a rear camera. Meanwhile, the dates the images were taken are June 7th and 13th. Those who wish to see the images for themselves, however, will have no such luck as the photos have been taken down immediately after the news spread about their presence.

This leak just fuels the growing interest for the device, which will reportedly likewise be the first to carry Android 4.1 or 5.0 Jellybean. Information will come soon enough, though, possibly during the Google I/O on June 27th.

The Nexus 7 is rumored to be a 7-inch tablet that will contend with the successful Amazon Kindle Fire. It is expected to be priced between $149 and $199.

via phandroid

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