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Phandroid News App Now Avail on Google Play

The new Phandroid news app is now available for download from Google Play. The completely overhauled version makes up for the long period of no updates and features a design that follows the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich interface. Support through DISQUS commenting has also been added. The developers likewise enhanced the app’s performance to improve loading time and extend battery life. The result is speedy access to Android news, which is the app’s primary function.

To achieve this, the developers of Phandroid chose to rewrite the app’s entire code. This is a lengthy and tedious process, which they could have opted to forego and simply added patches new features to the existing code. However, a code rewrite is more efficient when future developments of the news app are taken into consideration.

The overhaul as mentioned follows ICS’s design standards that added the action bar and deleted the app navigation buttons. The interface design of the new Phandroid app works with these revisions to make things easy for users. Even the app logo has also been changed to signal Phandroid’s fresh start. Soon, the design and feel of the Phandroid news app will also be used as an inspiration of a remodelling of the website.

Among the other enhancements on the app are poll voting through Poll Daddy, the option to share articles on social media websites, the option to place a star on an article, the ability to view multimedia in full screen, and an article view with the photos, videos, and text content. Now, the Phandroid app also opens directly onto the main list of news articles, with the loading time vastly improved. DISQUS also enables users to comment, to reply, to mark as spam, to collapse or expand comment threads, among others. A settings tab has also been added.

In the future, Phandroid is envisioning three distinct apps: first, the standard Phandroid News app; second, a Tapatalk-powered Android Forums app; and third, a combination of the two previous apps.

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