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Oval Elephant Mini PC on Android for Only $71

The Oval Elephant Mini PC is a computing solution for those who favor extremely portable packages. Retailing at the low price of only $71, this device looks similar with the popular MK802 mini PC and features the same hardware under the hood. The MK802 mini PC, by the way, is by Oval Elephant as well. Similar, too, is the Smallart Uhost which is available at AliExpress. However, the Smallart Uhost has a higher price tag of $99.

Specifically, it is packed with an Allwinner A10 processor, 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB internal storage, and Mali 400 GPU. It offers Wi-Fi connectivity, helping users enjoy browsing and e-mail on a monitor or even an HDTV. In contrast with the MK802 mini PC, this handy device has a full-sized HDMI port, a built-in microphone, and microphone-in.

The team behind Oval Elephant, however, wants to allow the device to carry support for a wide range of apps as well as operating systems. Right now, the mini PC comes with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which already makes it an attractive product instantly. Still, Oval Elephant is looking into enabling operating systems like Linaro, XBMC, among others on the mini PC. As for accessories, this mini PC supports an air mouse and wireless remote that is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard.

If the $71.49 is still a bit high, Oval Elephant promises to bring the price down to as low as $68 if more than 1,000 consumers order the device. The Oval Elephant Mini PC is expected to arrive on July 3. There will be more shipments, however, in the succeeding weeks.

The device seems to have a lot of potential, especially with the possibility of running XBMC. How it performs, however, is still unknown at this point. To be able to pass itself off as a good mini PC, the Oval Elephant device should not have common mini PC problems like overheating or incompatibility.

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