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OS X Mountain Lion to Bring Facebook Integration this Fall

When Apple unveiled the new OS X Mountain Lion during the Worldwide Developer Conference or WWDC, it announced that Facebook integration will occur this coming fall. The actual OS X Mountain Lion itself is scheduled for release next month, so Apple’s decision means a slight delay in the addition of this feature.

Apple neither explained the reason for the deferment or its exact date. However, some are speculating that it will coincide with the launch of iOS 6 and possibly the unveiling of the next iPhone which will also occur in the fall. The iOS 6, like Mountain Lion, is also expected to offer Facebook integration.

Thus, it was either that Apple wanted to have the feature launch on both operating systems at the same time, or Facebook only gave the company permission to allow access for the feature during the fall. In any case, the delay was most likely not due to issues regarding the functioning of the app, since Facebook integration appears in the Mountain Lion Developer Preview 4 and works well in that version.

Facebook integration is a functionality that links the Notification center and other apps with the social network. With this feature, users may be able to send comments, photos, and links from Apple apps. Their Facebook contacts who are online are moreover integrated with the OS’s Contacts list. Lastly, feeds from Facebook’s notifications will be directed to Notification Center, from which users may post comments or status messages.

This feature joins the list of the set of new offerings on the OS X Mountain Lion. Among the others that Apple revealed is iCloud integration, which syncs apps such as Messages, Notes, Reminders, Contacts, and Calendar with the cloud service. A feature called Documents in the Cloud, meanwhile, enables users to utilize iCloud as storage for files from Pages, Preview, TextEdit, and Keynote and access them on other devices.

The OS introduces updates to Safari, as well, such as a new function to show open tabs in the browser on other devices, helping users work seamlessly. Apple likewise added an option to disable the Notifications so that users will not be disrupted with feeds when they are working or giving presentations.

These updates should give enough enjoyment to OS X Mountain Lion until Apple releases Facebook integration.

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