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Oh the Irony! Apps that use power control APIs are the real ‘Battery Drainers’

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, its intolerance.

And the other thing which most people can’t stand is an inefficient app that heats their gig up, churns up its core and drains away its battery life. According to a research by Purdue University, apps which use Power control APIs are the ones who kill the battery life the most.

For instance, Angry Birds utilizes over 63% of its resources for flogging stuff rather than flicking stuff. It has been officially confirmed that many apps on Google Play have energy bugs. These essentially use the wake-lock APIs which prevent your smartphone from going into Sleep mode. This eventually keeps the cores heated up and causes the battery to drain out in 4-5 hours maximum.

According to the report, though majority of the app developers use the wake-lock API properly, few apps had some serious bugs. To be very specific, out of 187 wake-lock exploiting apps tested, more than 42 apps contained some serious bugs. The names have not been made public so as to avoid any embarrassment and undue incurrence of losses to the developer.

Though there is no way to mend such bugs on the user-side, keeping a sharp-eye on what app jolts down what chunk of battery life helps. (Go to Settings->Battery, chronically) Also, do not go for FREE apps which pop your screen with a lot of advertisements. They eventually stay resident on your smartphone and consume a bit more battery life. You can keep track of which services run alongside by navigating to Setting->Applications->Running.

That being said, this may not be enough to tackle such battery bugs. To refine such issues, Google needs to stab this anarchy down the puddle and come up with stricter rules for app developers to abide by. Besides, tweaking the Android UI to let user know about the semantic actions app is performing might also help.

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