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Official Wimbledon app for Android available in Play Store with live radio commentary

I know there are a lot of Wimbledon fans here who would love to get live updates of the matches going on. But you will either have to sit in from of the TV (the idiot box as I call it) or get yourself a computer and open up a web page which would give you live updates of the events. But what to do if you are not in a position to reach any of the two? What if you are travelling? Well, in that case, you can use your smart phone. There is always the option of opening a web page on your smart phone’s browser. But it would be a lot better and faster if there was an app for this. Well, I guess IBM has heard your needs, because the company has now released an app in the Google Play Store which will let you get all the updates live for all the matches. And this is also the official Wimbledon app for Android.

I’m sorry my iPhone mates, you will not be getting this app, this is exclusive to the Android platform and is free of cost. The app has a lot of features, and the list on the Play Store is as follows:

  • LIVE scores.
  • Results.
  • Schedule of play.
  • Draws.
  • News.
  • Player profiles.
  • On demand video previews, highlights, features, interviews and golden moments
  • Photos.
  • Live @ Wimbledon Radio – 3 channels: Daily coverage of The Championships and two channels dedicated to Centre Court and No.1 Court commentary of the live match play.
  • Find It – lets spectators locate facilities around the grounds at Wimbledon.

Yes, the app seriously has a live radio telecast of the commentary of each match. How cool is that? You will be able to listen to the match commentary on your smart phone as you would on a radio. That is just brilliant. I’m loving the app on my Android smart phone. The Wimbledon 2012 starts on June 25th, that’s today, and will continue up to July 8th. So get your copy of the app for free from here.

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