Official Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.0 ICS Update Now Available Via KIES

Update: AT&T pulled the plug on the update after one day.  But there has been some confirmed updates from some users yesterday, so, expect AT&T to release it to the masses soon enough.

The promised date for Samsung Galaxy S2 to get the official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) has come but it seems like only AT&T customers in the US and Rogers’ subscribers in Canada are the only ones to have gotten their hands on it. GS2 owners who have successfully updated their handsets claimed that the update wasn’t pushed over the air, rather Samsung KIES application is needed to carry on the update.

While thousands, if not millions, of Samsung Galaxy S2 owners have already tried flashing custom ROMs based on Android ICS, there is no better way to get the device updated than having to use the official firmware from Samsung. Besides, doing the manual flashing with custom firmware would void the warranty and there is just a greater risk that the handset becomes inoperable if things don’t happen the way they are expected.

People always think that custom ROMs actually offer better features, but for those who don’t have the stomach to do the risky process should have been waiting so long for this update to come. The good news is, the official ICS firmware offers major upgrades, improvements and enhancements together with tons of new features. Here are some of them.

Input Text Improvement. According to those who have already updated their device, Text Input in ICS is a lot faster than the previous version.

Face Unlock. This is a new added feature for the handset. While it is not new for Android users, it’s something GS2 owners would be thankful for. Although swiping is the fastest way to unlock the screen, it is sometimes cooler to unlock your phone with your face.

Smooth Scrolling. Among the minor problems users were complaining with their Gingerbread-operated GS2 was that the scrolling was not as smoother as everyone expected. Samsung made it a point to correct the problem with ICS update, though.

Stability Improvements. Google confirmed that ICS is more stable than GB and that’s exactly the feature that most GS2 owners appreciate. With this, battery life is also improved.

Unlike over-the-air update, you will need to download Samsung KIES to be able to pull the update down and apply it to your device. The process is easier than you think as long as you follow on-screen instructions.

Note: As posted in Samsung website, KIES will be under maintenance Friday, June 22, from 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. CST. You may have difficulty pulling down firmware updates during this time.
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43 Replies to “Official Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.0 ICS Update Now Available Via KIES”

  1. Yes theres an update. It sucks with social media updating. Crashes no longer work. Wait guys dont do it

  2. Current Phone: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 sgh-i777
    Current OS: ICS 4.0.3

    I installed ICS 4.0.3 on my phone on Monday, June 25, 2012. I have to admit that this OS is is buggy and glitchy. When I scroll my home screens left and right or my browser up and down, it glitches as it moves. When I click on an icon like my camera, it takes a few seconds to load. When I exit out of my camera, I see a blank home screen and then it takes a few seconds for the icons to load. ICS is supposed to be smoother and faster. I hope AT&T will fix these bugs.


  3. Yeah, I to got the update! Seems like after they pulled it, it didn’t take long to bring it back up even though Saturday being the day they said it would be back was a day late… oh well, I got it anyway. :). Looks great! Runs smooth.

  4. How long does this downloading process take? I don’t see any type of indicator that it is working.

  5. Just got the download today , off the keis . About 45min. No problems, we’ll see how it works

  6. I just opened up kies, connected my device and it propmpted me for the update. No loop holes no special hoops to jump through… Im wondering if I got lucky or if it’s officially out?

  7. It finally worked today (Sunday). No problems at all, it retained all of my contacts and apps!

  8. Ya f u. If it was pulled you had the buggy one dummy lol I have ics would you like for me to post a pic on fb? Just to get ur panties outta wad you would be anonymous I’m helping u guys and that’s the respect I get.

  9. Np I know we all are wanting it and not everybody is helpful. If most of you feel like I did then its worth going through this. But to be honest this was the easiest firmware I’ve obtained besides a ota. And I also thought I had kies desktop but it wasnt . I thought that site I entered in my web browser was kies desktop lol cause you know it’s the part running on there nope whole different d/l anyway enjoy this won’t brick your phone if it does it falls on Samsung because this is our update just force flashed

  10. It does just download the kies desktop app then right click on it hit open it will install kies desktop app . Once done open kies desktop go to tools you will see a option for firmware upgrade and initialization click it it will ask for you s/n and make very straight forward you will find this behind the battery. And with your phone not connected put the info it ask in and hit OK. Caps and everything must be the same… after that without your battery in connect it and press both volume keys down it will ask you to hit volume up button to proceed or volume down button to not go into d/l mode put your battery in and then hit volume + button to proceed and then all you gotta do is hit OK on your computer to proceed.a little green android will appear on your phone showing download progress once your comp goes through process of getting your firmware.ics is our new stock firmware does not root and this is our ics from kies only for the galaxy s2 i777

  11. This one is just available for the original S2, NOT the Skyrocket. That will come later.

  12. You didn’t get it so it must be a lie. Retard. There was an update and I got it through Kies, and has since been pulled. Love morons like you. Seriously. Nope, I didn’t get it so it’s all a lie. STFU!

  13. open kies,hold down voulume up n down n power buttons all together while plugging your usb cord in to get your phone in download mode,then in kies go to the tools section n click on firmware emergency ,then u will need to put your s/n number in n your model number which is SGH-I777 & u can find your s/n number underneath the battery on your phone,,once u type them to in hit ok,then a screen will pop up stating if u want to download ucle5 for at&t but before u click ok on that make sure u click them volume up button on your phone to open the drivers,,then just follow the rest of the instructions n in no time youll have android 4.0.3 ics on your at&t sgs2 sgh i777,,,

  14. At&t is just toying with us now. They’re waiting to see how long it is before we all gather the torches and pitchforks and start to march for war!

  15. I posted something in way more depth on what to do on another site that posted today saying it was pulled just find it.. they had just posted there article the past few hours

  16. I did this this morning get the kies desktop app open it go to tools and in those options you will see firmware upgrade and initialization all it is is reflashing your current stock firmware my guess this is what all s2’s will come with stock because this is it.enjoy battery life way better and man its runs quite smooth plus crime anyway its here do your research

  17. Samsung has confirmed that there is an update but there is NO OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE. The supposed update that was available yesterday was from a user at Phandroid that supposedly heard it from an ATT worker.

  18. There was an update early yesterday, but Kies was down most of yesterday and the update has not been brought back up. It is on hold and will be released ‘soon’, according to AT&T.

  19. At&t when I called this morning says there is but right after I called Samsung & they said there ain’t for the at&t sgs2,, thwar post for that the past few days have all been giving false information

  20. You sir need to check your facts before you write your articles. There is NO ICS update for at&t galaxy s2.

  21. Where is this information coming from? The Samsung website and Samsung support both say there is no confirmed date for the ICS update for the Galaxy S2 for AT&T users.

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