Official Android 4.0 ICS Update for DROID Razr, Razr Maxx Now Available

Motorola Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx will get the official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update after Motorola and Verizon pushed the packages for users to download. As always, Google’s newly-acquired company dedicated a page on its website citing the features this update brings as well as the step-by-step tutorial on how to update the devices successfully, although this comes as a downloadable PDF file. The roll out is expected to start today. These updates tend to happen in phases so it make take a little time, just be patient and check it later today if it’s not yet available for your device.

Originally, both Droid Razr smartphones came with Android 2.3 Gingerbread pre-installed, a stable version with limited features. For phones with a lot of potential, the ICS update actually arrived later than expected and Motorola didn’t care to explain the delay.

On top of tons of features offered by Android 4.0 ICS stock firmware, the packages intended for Motorola Droid Razr devices have added functionality. Here are a few of them worth mentioning;

Customizable Home Screen. Both Droid Razr and Razr Maxx owners would be able to enjoy their home screen more than ever using the new All Apps screen. It allows users to launch, add and move apps and widgets.

Webtop. This is never new to Motorola devices but with Android 4.0, this application has become even better. This time around, optimization with big screen is a lot easier from your phone plus there is improved email navigation. There is also a complete texting interface and above all, using Webtop would allow users to browse desktop version of websites.

Browser. The native browser now offers tabbed browsing while making load times shorter than before. The desktop mode option would also allow the browser to surf through desktop version websites.

Voice Input. If iPhone has Siri and Samsung has S-Voice, Motorola has Voice Input only that it couldn’t launch apps through voice commands. However, it is very useful in composing emails or texts as it is more accurate when it comes to pauses, punctuations and spelling.

Face Unlock. Rather than using a pattern or a PIN, ICS-operated Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx are capable of unlocking the phone through face recognition technology. It may not be new to both iOS and Android users but it is a good addition to the features these devices offer.

The update has already been pushed so if you are an owner of either one of these devices, you should be receiving notification about it. If not, it is better you initiate detection and update your device over the air. For more detailed information about the features of these devices, you may refer to the links below. The link to tutorial is also included.

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85 Replies to “Official Android 4.0 ICS Update for DROID Razr, Razr Maxx Now Available”

  1. Really?! That sucks. You mean there is no “My Accounts” icon anymore? The Yahoo APP is awful..

  2. I talk to tech support at verizon they said within the next couple days that was 2 days ago… dammit i want some ice cream lol

  3. And by the time Jellybean is given to us Verizon customers, the next update will be available. Whatever it’s name may be.

  4. Yahoo and HotMail/LiveMail/MSNMail both have their own mail tool we have to use going forward. As for home mail servers, there are a few good mail apps to pick from.

  5. It came to St. Louis this am on my razor, it took away my universal email icon and I am so unhappy. I can’t get my email unless I log into the browser.

  6. Still waiting somewhat patiently in central Michigan. I would be overjoyed if they finally got 4G up and running here as well.

  7. The OTA User Initiated instructions are a crock of crap because that method will not work unless the update has been pushed to your phone and if it has been pushed to your phone your screen will be full of the available update notice.

  8. So, last night I tried to manually install ICS on my razr and got stuck in flash boot. Had it under warranty and got a new one. To my surprise the new one had ICS

  9. I haven’t gotten the update yet but my mom wanted me to fix her phone (Razr Maxx) monday because “I clicked something and it changed my phone …now I dont know where anything is”..she had gotten the ICS update….

  10. Still nothing for me in Los Angeles. Seriously… I’m about 3 minutes away from rooting my phone….. Or switching to a different provider.

  11. I just got off with Motorola and they told me that ics is ready & will be going out in batches starting today. So if you don’t get it today maybe tomorrow. Just wait. It is here.

  12. Girlfriends Razr got the ICS update the other night. I’ve got the Maxx and nothing. My buddy with a regular Razr hasn’t gotten it yet either. So it’s getting out there. Just have to give it time.

  13. Just got this from Motorola in response to update question: Thanks for reaching out to Motorola. I’ve reviewed your e-mail and I’m ready to help.

    We are conducting a soak test right now, just give it a few more days to complete and full deployment will follow after the soak test.

  14. My cousin and I both live in hutchinson Kansas. He got the update and I didn’t. I have had my RAZR longer than him so now I am upset.

  15. I got have it already. Root the phone and download cheesecakev2.apk. the update is sitting on Q1 server! Cheers.. ps i have the Official email confirming its release if there are still doubters.

  16. Verizons update servers are sending it in batches with the soak test this weekend and the full update being released in batches of something like a few thousand random phones an hour as their servers cannot handle updating the millions of razr and razr maxxs all at once

  17. When I checked the Motorola website it says that this update is for Canada. North America user’s should expect the update around the 3rd quarter of the year. It is currently in the Development and Research phase.

  18. Nothing in upstate NY either. I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, I’m not holding my breath.

  19. Nothing in Boston …yet!!!

    Every damm andro-site, tech-site is increasing their hits-count every day based on these f***in rumors ….now this is one thing I surely like about Apple…releasing their products on fixed date and with more certainty ….and yeah I know they have much better control coz its firmware…I wish Google can do the same with better hardware from Moto Mobility 🙂

  20. Patience my @$$. Patience is already waiting 8 months… Not waiting an additional week for DIGITAL content.

  21. Saturday in south Jersey and nothing. The google framework hack used on the Xoom didn’t work either.anyone get it yet??

  22. it has been confirmed that only a select number of people are going to get the update this week and that everyone should have it in the following week

  23. everyone just be patient…the last update that came out I didn’t get until like 4 days after it was released…let’s just hope it’s not a lie

  24. I actually got the notification to accept the download…clicked ok….nothing happened. Guess i’ll have to wait again. Btw…i’m in kentucky

  25. same here i have 2 razr’s still nothing, seeing all the comments on about 10 different site, starting to think this is a big fat lie again

  26. I’ve confirmed its rolli ng out on the phone with Verizon and motorola. I’d give it overnight and see what happens. This isn’t likethe 12th

  27. Nothing in southeast texas. Anyone know anyone that got this? i just got oof chat with verizon and they’re still denying they know anything about an update.

  28. Still nothing in Houston.
    It says “Your Device is up to date!” “No update is necessary at this time”

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