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NVIDIA and Nyko Will Offer PlayPad Controllers to Tegra-Based Devices

Nyko and NVIDIA have forged a new deal that would offer wireless game controllers to Tegra-powered devices. The wireless game controllers are called the PlayPad and the PlayPad Pro. Both of these devices are designed to work with NVIDIA Tegra 2 and Tegra 3-based devices, whether they are tablets or smartphones.

Specifically, the PlayPad and the PlayPad Pro are optimized for TegraZone games like Dark Meadow: The Pact, Jett Tailfin Racers THD, Demolition Inc THD, Hamiltons Great Adventure THD, Sonic Episode 4 THD, and Renaissance Blood THD. That said, users may also play legacy games with these controllers. A Playground app which comes with the PlayPad and PlayPad pro allow support for these legacy games, and also give options for custom layouts, and a list of popular titles.

Between the two peripherals, the PlayPad is the smaller one. This controller is quite light, and is equipped with dual analog sliders, face buttons, a home button, and a d-pad. It comes with a carrying case and folding stand for attaching an Android tablet or smartphone in landscape or portrait orientation. Its small size makes it very portable, however, some might feel that it feels too small for regular-sized hands. However, as Nyko points out, this controller is good if you want to bring your gaming controller during travel.

On the other hand, the larger PlayPad Pro boasts of dual analog controllers, shoulder buttons, face buttons, and a d-pad, but does not have the PlayPad’s carrying case and portable stand. Nonetheless, it gets points for accommodating the regular adult hand size.

Both controllers are estimated to have a price tag of less than $50 each and come in various colors such as yellow, pink, blue, white, black, and gray.

This new partnership between NVIDIA and Nyko is a nod to the recent growth of mobile gaming. Thanks to the Tegra devices that NVIDIA has developed, the options for consumers in mobile gaming are increasing, not only with the influx of many new games, but also with novel ways of giving input to control these games.

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