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Now Run Android apps on your Mac

Can you imagine Google and Apple building bridges? That would perhaps be the most far-fetched hypothesis of the century and perhaps the most flurry bridge ever.

However, Bluestacks- an award winning company which has been trying to bring Android to PCs has finally succeeded in an emulating platform which runs Android apps on Mac platform. In case you missed the development, here’s a quick sneak-peek into what so far has been achieved by Bluestacks.

The Android emulation platform, better coined as –App player developed by Bluestacks was tested and worked glibly on MAC OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard.  The App player sticks into your dock for easy access and you can also find it under Application-> Android apps.

The irony however is the app-constraint. (As this is only the APLHA version) The emulator works only for 17 Android apps so far. Popular ones like Facebook, Glow Hockey, Paper Toss, Pulse, Seesmic, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Zebra Paint have been embedded into the emulator. Though most apps would run without many complications, we found Whatsapp to be a little bit buggy on the cross-platform application. However, other apps like Pulse, Paper Toss or Zebra Paint worked flawlessly well. Full marks for the fluidity and spontaneity as there are zero time-lags and app works just the same as it would work on an Android phone.

The Windows version however is much better as it allows users to buy apps from Amazon store, which is not the case with the Mac version of the App player. However as App player for Mac is only in the Alpha version, we hope the constraint can be resolved. Bluestacks has confirmed that it would be adding new app developers every month to integrate more features and support for apps.

However, would it make sense to run Android apps on your MAC? Would you love that or more eminently, do you need that?

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