Now, An App Store From Mercedes-Benz

While the top tech companies are fiercely competing against each other, trying to out do the other and gain an upper hand by the way of improving their online app stores and adding new features, a completely unlikely and unrelated player has launched a new online App Store. The premium car maker, Mercedes-Benz has gone ahead and launched its very own App Store for its European customers. The car maker is obviously not trying to compete with anyone with this move and it is a move made, more out of necessity and in an attempt to offer a better service to its customers.

The Mercedes-Benz App Store was launched last week and it is active only in Europe and there are currently no signs of any expansion to other countries. Using this App Store, car owners will be able to download, specially designed, applications directly into to their Mercedes-Benz Comand infotainment system. The standard applications that come installed in the infotainment system are, Facebook, Google Search and Weather. Yahoo! app will also be most likely added to the Comand infotainment system, as a standard app.

So, any guesses how many applications are available for download in the Mercedes-Benz App Store? …...It is two. Presently the MB app stores a news app and a parking finder app, but of course more will soon be added. These apps will be available for 9.95 Euros and it will not be a one off payment but a yearly subscription. The News app supports articles in 28 languages and will display just the headlines and hide the full article from the driver when the vehicle is in motion. The News app is already a standard feature on the Mercedes-Benz SL and all other Mercedes Benz owners will be able to them starting from mid-July.
The apps are available for download to vehicle owners in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland only.

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