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Nokia released Trailers app for Lumia devices

Nokia has brought in another exclusive apps for its Lumia device owners, and this time around as well, it is an entertainment app. It is the new Nokia Trailers app that we are talking about, and yes, you guessed it right, it is for Windows Phones only. The Finnish company has been putting a lot of efforts to make the lives of its Lumia customers a better place to live. This dedication is for sure, worth a mention.

In its efforts to get the attention of the customer base of the smart phone industry, Nokia has been trying out a lot of new things. It released limited editions of the best selling smart phones. For example, we saw the limited Batman editions of two of its most popular Windows Phone smart phones. Even though one of the limited edition smart phones did not sell as expected (and the other just coming out into the market), the efforts of the Finnish company have not stopped.

Similarly, the company has been releasing exclusive apps for the Lumia devices for some time now. For example, take this Trailers app only. This can not be installed on any other Windows Phone smart phone without significant modifications to the app. Even then, it would be illegal to install it. And Nokia has been releasing such awesome apps only in the Nokia Collection section of the Windows Market Place.

Anyway, coming back to this new app, the Trailers app, you will be able to watch the trailers of all new movies which are already in theaters, or are coming very soon to a theater near you. The app gives you the option to download the trailers as well. That is a good feature. You can watch these download movies later and share them with your friends over MMS, email, or social networks.

The app is right now available for download in the Nokia Collection section, as mentioned earlier. So if you are big fan of movies and you have a Nokia Lumia device, then this is a must have app.

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