Nokia Opt to Reduce Windows Phones’ Cost

Nokia’s new strategy to recover from a sales slump is to offer cheaper Windows phones. Specifically, the the company will reduce the price of the devices to a level lower than their recently-released Nokia Lumia 610 handset. Currently, the phone is available for £130 in the UK, to give a general idea of the price range of its upcoming devices.

This aggressive marketing strategy is expected to help the company compete against Android. The battle, Nokia recognizes, is in the low-end markets like China. Nokia’s move offers a stark difference with Apple, which insists on setting high prices for the iPhone and the iPad despite the clamor for more affordable devices.

Meanwhile, Android devices from various manufacturers offer a wide range of options, with inexpensive models from start-up companies to high-end ones from companies like Samsung, LG, and HTC.

Nokia’s approach attempts to undermine the strategies used by both Apple and Samsung in selling their products. However, it may be argued that Nokia fails not in the marketing, but in creating devices that the public would want to buy.

The Finnish company has not revealed at which point in the future they will launch this new plan, but it detail that its goal is to have a 10 percent market share for the Windows phone. To achieve this, Nokia will pour its attention on countries like the US, China, and the UK, as well as some areas in Europe.

Early this year, the company had lost its crown as the world’s biggest handset maker to the South Korea-based Samsung. It had previously enjoyed fourteen years in that position.

Meanwhile, Nokia’s partner, Microsoft, will talk about future plans for its mobile OS this coming June 20th at the Windows Phone Summit. The company might be revealing some plans with Nokia during the event, and perhaps clarify a rumor that Bing Maps on Windows 8 will be removed, and Nokia Maps, with its 3D navigation feature will take its place.

via pocket-lint