Nokia Camera Extras released in US and China

The Nokia Lumia series of smart phones has really made a place for themselves in the smart phone market. They also have the credit of being the most successful Windows Phone 7 smart phones of all the available models from different manufacturers. So obviously, Nokia is very happy with this, and wants to make its customers happier by giving out new features of these smart phones. But how will the company put new features to the smart phones which have already been sold? Well, in the form of software updates or giving away apps for free on the Windows Phone Market Place of course.

Well, the Finnish smart phone manufacturer had announced that it would give some really cool features to the camera app on its Lumia series of smart phones, which were missing till now. And the company had said that it will be releasing it by next week. And yes, it will be coming next week. But the Nokia Lumia 900 users in the United States and China are a bit luckier than the rest of the customers worldwide, this is because the company has released the Nokia Camera Extras app already in these regions.

The Nokia Camera Extras is the app you are looking for if you want new features on your Nokia Lumia device. The app gives a range of new features such as:

  • Smart Group Shot: Capture great group shots in just one attempt by choosing the best faces from a burst
  • Action Shot: Capture fast-moving action shots with just one click and significantly improved shooting speed
  • Panorama: This new control feature makes it easy to capture beautiful panorama shots by finding the image in the sequence
  • Self-timer: Set up your Lumia on a stand and get yourself into more photos

Yes, that is so much tempting. And if you are in the US or in China and if you have a Lumia 900, you can download Cameras Extras right now from the Market Place. And if you do not have a Lumia 900 or if you don’t live in the US or China, don’t worry, the company will be releasing the app for all smart phones globally by next month. So you will just have to wait a bit longer.

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