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Nintendo Wii U Gets Detailed

Nintendo is promoting its new Wii U gaming console by means of an infographic. This infographic is pretty straightforward, labeling the parts of the console with the name of the feature.

The console describes itself as a device that breaks the walls between the game itself, the player, and the television. Sporting a screen, it envisions itself as a portal that ushers the player right into the world of the game, second to the television, where the game is actually played. This console measures 10.5 inches horizontally.

This display is an LCD touch screen that measures 6.2 inches and has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and stylus support. Around it are various buttons that correspond to different features. Specifically, the device has a control pad for up, down, left, and right input; A, B, X, and Y buttons; L and R stick buttons; L and R buttons, and ZL and ZR buttons. Also located on the face of the console is the Home button, the Select button, and the Start Button.

Motion Control sensors in the form of a gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, and an accelerometer add more functionality to regular gaming.

Nintendo further adds to the mix a built-in microphone, a front camera, and stereo speakers. Moreover, there is a sensor bar and NFC support. This latter feature allows the device to interact with objects that are proximate to it.

Meanwhile, under the hood, the device runs on a multi-core processor by IBM coupled with a High Definition GPU by AMD Radeon. It can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n. Additionally, it has four USB 2.0 ports that likewise support Wii LAN.

To further entice consumers, Nintendo incorporated features that enhance gaming, such as the gaming social network called Miiverse. Other features include video chat functionality; integration with Netflix, Youtube, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video; Internet browsing; and the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo’s decision to pack the Wii U with features may have been prompted by the decreasing demand of consoles. Reportedly, people are increasingly on their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets for gaming, and less on dedicated gaming devices.

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