Nextcall Makes Scheduling Call Reminders Simple

Nextcall is a simple and free to download application on the Google Plus Store whose task is to keep track of the calls that you make and receive and to prepare a schedule or reminder to alert you to make a call to any person in your contact list. Basically, it’s a call log with a scheduling and alerting feature added.

When you start the app its display area is divided into three sections. All, Personal and Business. This is actually the application’s own phone book where you can add contact details from the “All” list into the personal and business sections of the list. Tapping once on the contact adds it to the personal list whereas tapping twice on the contact adds it to the business list. As simple as that. You can switch between the list by swiping to the left or  to the right.

Once all the contacts have been added, you can go to the settings options to set it according to your requirement and then set it to work. Once the app is up and running, it does all the work automatically. The app keeps track of all the people in the contacts you called and the calls that you received. It will note when the call was made and how many times the call was made and all such details.

The app can now also be scheduled to remind you to make a certain call at a certain set time, so that you never miss making another important call.

Here is a list of important features available in the free version.

  • Identify important clients and friends you want to call regularly.
  • Alerts you when you haven’t called a contact for a specified time.
  • Splits contacts into business and personal categories.
  • Creates an overall call schedule for personal and business contacts.
  • Creates custom call schedules, for more or less regular contact.
  • Setup only takes a few seconds.

The app works without you requiring to log into any kind of account and works offline.

The free version of the app can be downloaded from here

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