New MacBook Pro to have Retina Display and Ivy Bridge Processor

Announcement of a next generation MacBook Pro is one of the many announcements that Apple has made at the Worldwide Developer conference.  Although the anticipation for latest MacBook Pro model didn’t catch much fire, probably because of imcipient release if iOS 6, Apple did not forget to deliver its yearly update to the line.

The new MacBook Pro will feature a retina display. Another significant change is Apple’s use of Intel’s latest Ivy bridge processors, which are much faster and use lesser battery than older processors. The MacBook Pro line seems to have caught anorexia, the latest addition is even slimmer and lighter than previous MacBook Pro models. Apple has also beefed up internal memory’s access time making storage and retrieval faster.

The new processor, slimmer exterior and faster internal memory access are definitely worth salivating on but what steals the show is the 15-inch Retina display. It will have much higher definition than any screens available in consumer electronics today.

Apple had already incorporated the new screen in iPhone 4 and iPad earlier this year. The Retina MacBook Pro will retail for $2,199 for the basic model and $2,799 for the fastest model. Interestingly, Apple also has plans for upgrading older models in the MacBook Pro line with the new Ivy Bridge processor but without the retina display.

The Retina display, with its unprecedented number of pixels may be cause of much hype right now but it certainly doesn’t have a very wide market till Apple finds a way of retailing retina display models at the cost of model with regular screens. Meanwhile, the new MacBook Pro is certain to sell like hot cakes in creative professions like animation, graphic design, automobile design, product design et al.

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  1. If you look at the specifications both 13 inch and 15 inch Macbook Pro’s have the integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 which is available only on Ivy Bridge where as the Intel HD Graphics 3000 is only available on Sandy Bridge.

  2. Based on the specifications on the Apple Store the MacBook Pro 15 with Retina display does NOT have the new Ivy Bridge processor. According to their own website, the processor is a 32 nm. I think Apple is pulling a fast one by announcing the use on the Ivy Bridge on the other 15″ MacBooks Pros but not on the Retina display version. In my opinion, they are vague on their description un purpose so people do not notice. Either that or they have a very embarrassing type on their Apple store.

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