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New iMacs by Apple to Showcase in 2013

Apple is rumored to be introducing changes to their desktop computers, the iMac and the iMac Pro starting next year.

During this week’s Worldwide Developers Conference or the WWDC, the Cupertino company, however, made little mention of its line of desktop computers. Instead, it zeroed in on the changes that are coming to its line of notebooks. Specifically, it revealed that the company is changing the screen of the 15-inch Mac Book Pro with a Retina Display. The Retina Display, which is currently found on the latest iPad, will significantly increase the image quality on the screen of the popular laptop. Apple is as well introducing modifications to the MacBook Air and the other Mac Book Pro laptops.

Despite the lack of attention on the iMac and the iMac Pro, the company is not altogether ignoring the desktop line. An Apple executive, in fact, made mention that the desktop computers will be redesigned and the new models will be released in 2013.

A few weeks before the WWDC, rumors floated around that Apple would be showcasing a new model of the iMac. Last month, Geekbench supported this allegation by releasing benchmarks for an iMac called iMac13,2, a model that is yet to be unveiled to the public.

Prior to these rumors for new iMac models, Apple last updated the desktop computer a little over a year ago, in May 2011. That update added the Thunderbolt port, a high-speed data transfer I/O, as well as FaceTime HD, which enabled iMac users to engage in high definition video chat.

The announcement to introduce new changes to the desktop line gives hope to those who expected that the desktop computer would be ignored by Apple. This fear stems from the fact that Apple today is earning most of its revenue from the iOS via the iPhone, and not on OS X. If Apple is indeed redesigning the iMac and iMac Pro, it should once again bring the desktop computer into focus, especially in the face of Apple’s popular mobile devices.

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