Native Google+ App Coming For Android And Apple Tablets

The Google+ app has been available for both iPhone and Android smartphones. But the only way an iPad user or Android tablet users could access Google+ and the associated, video conferencing, feature, Hangout, was via a web browser, through the actual Google+ web site. Google has now developed a standalone Google+ app for all the tablets and it takes advantage of the extra screen real estate really well.

“We now have more users engaging in G+ from a mobile than from the desktop,” said Vic Gundotra, the senior vice president, Google Inc, who was presenting the Google+ app during Google I/O developer conference. A real good reason to come out with the Google+ app for tablets.

The tablet version of Google+ is similar to the smartphone app in the way it displays the photos first and then the user can slide left or right to see what updates have been posted in their stream. Of course, the photos displayed take full advantage of the screen size. “We’re stylizing the stream so it makes it very easy to scan while still highlighting what’s important,”

The most useful feature and perhaps the most used feature on the tablet version of Google+ app is going to be the Google Hangout service. The Google+ Hangout on a tablet looks a lot like a video conferencing app on a standard desktop and is definitely much more fun to use on the large screen of a desktop rather than the small smartphone screens.

There are a few upcoming features, such as notifications that appear on the left side of the screen under the list of Google+ actions.

Gundotra shared some facts about Google+ such as the number of active monthly users, which is 150 million, half of whom sign in for an average of 12 minutes every day.

Google+ Events was another new feature which Gundotra mentioned, a feature meant for parties and other such events, using which you will be able to invite others, accepting which will add an event in their calendars.