My XBOX Live App Now Comes to Android

Android users can now enjoy the My Xbox Live app on their devices. The Microsoft-developed app has been launched on Google Play, where it currently has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars from 2,015 voters and is downloadable for free.

My Xbox Live is an app that connects gamers to the social networking features of the Xbox from their mobile devices. On this app, users may select a 3D avatar to represent them and create an Xbox profile which they can use to interact with other gamers. They can also take note of their gaming progress and compare scores and other achievements with their friends on the gaming network. A messaging function furthermore keeps them connected with their friends. Also, the app provides feeds from Xbox Spotlight, updates from Xbox Live, game features, promotional content, and tips and tricks in gaming. These features are accessible from an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Unfortunately, however, the Android version is a hundred percent exactly like the iOS version. Unlike iOS users, for instance, users cannot take advantage of a feature called tethering. Tethering converts the iPhone into a remote for the gaming console, allowing users to browse their recent activity as well as access media apps with their mobile device. This would have been a welcome feature for Android devices, as well, and it is unknown why the Android version currently doesn’t have this feature.

Nonetheless, heavy gamers using Android phones would at least appreciate the availability of the gaming app on their devices. Besides, the device has just been launched, and there is always the chance that Microsoft would release an update to give Android users the same functionalities on the app as iOS users.

To make use of the app, users need to fulfill several minimal requirements that should be present on Android devices released starting around two years ago. A smartphone with at least Android 2.2 and a WGVA display or higher, specifically are needed to run the app. Likewise, users are required to sign up for an Xbox Live account.

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