Mozilla Hints of Something BIG to Come for Android

Mozilla announced that it is unveiling something huge for Android users in the coming week. Using the hashtags #Firefox for #Android on Twitter, Mozilla included a photo of the Android robot partly hidden behind a candy bar mobile device that displays the Firefox logo. It also shows the words “fast, smart, and safe.”

As with good teasers, of course, details regarding the big surprise are sparse. However, in light of recent tech developments as well as Mozilla’s history, one can probably make some guesses.

Mozilla’s revelation comes around the same time of the Google I/O event, the Mountain View company’s annual gathering of developers where it makes public its most recent advances in Chrome, Android, and Google in general. Thus, it may be related to an upcoming Google offering, possibly in the much-rumored next iteration of Android OS called JellyBean.

The Mozilla browser is available on Android, though it is still currently in beta version. As more competition emerges in the mobile niche, the company might be preparing to finally bring it out of beta. Some are speculating that the mobile browser might carry gesture-based input or a user interface redesign.

Apart from this, it is also contemplated that Mozilla might be bringing to Android the Australis project. An aesthetic standard designed for ease of use, this has been thought to be headed for all forms of Firefox software.

In related news, Mozilla recently declared that it is coming on iOS devices under the name Mozilla Junior. This project is still under development, but Mozilla envisions a fresh full-screen user interface that does not have tabs or an address bar. It also omits regular browser buttons and opts for two buttons on opposite sides of the display panel.

The iPad- and iPhone-targeted browser might furthermore enable users to register for personal accounts that will permit them to keep their browsing history to themselves. Mozilla’s inspiration for the iOS browser is the experience of reading a magazine, which should grant a simple, easy, and intuitive, not to mention completely new browsing experience for users of mobile devices.

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