More iPhone 5 images leaked

If we start listing all the iPhone 5 rumors we have heard of till date, we will be writing a very long post. So let us cut it down and summarize all the important rumors. We know, according to rumors, that there will be a bigger, at least 4 inch, screen on the iPhone 5. The 30 pin dock connector would be replaced by a smaller connector. The 3.5 mm audio jack will be moved from the top of the phone to the bottom. The speaker grill at the bottom of the iPhone will be changed. There would be Aluminium back cover. There would be new rear facing camera and flash module, and a second mic at the top of the iPhone. Well, these are some of the major ones.

Someone has leaked a few photos on the internet of two supposed iPhone 5 devices today, and these devices seem to be satisfying all the above said features of the new iPhone 5. Does that mean that the iPhone 5’s seen in the images are the real deal? Well, the decision of that is left to you. Judging by the build quality of the iPhones in the images, I would not hurry to make a decision.

But as GSM Arena points out, the Maps app icon on the iPhone 5 pictured here is of the iOS 5 operating system, which is already old as the iOS 6 beta is out of developers and which is supposed to be featured in full version on the iPhone 5. If you think this is an iPhone 5 developer iPhone, why is it not updated to iOS 6 yet, when the developer of an iPhone 5 is by way of default supposed to be working on the new iOS 6?

Well, I do have my doubts about the level of legitimacy of these photos. If you want to make yourself happy by making yourself believe this is the new iPhone 5, it is your decision.

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  1. Looks like my old Droid Bionic. Guess Apple will sue Motorola again, for preempting them, maybe.

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