MIUI Now Offers MiHome Launcher on Google Play

MIUI, the custom Android ROM developer, is offering its unique launcher called the MiHome Launcher on Google Play. This app, which comes right from the MIUI ROM, promises to make using Android devices easy. The launcher is designed to work with Android 4.0+ A beta version, however, is also available for Android 2.3+.

The MiHome launcher is an alternative to the many ROMS that Android users can choose to customize their devices. It brings to Android the minimalist and elegant look and feel of an iOS interface, offering users the best of both worlds.

Before, the only way to accomplish placing an iOS-like interface was to root the device and then load the MIUI ROM. This process, however, is tedious and difficult, especially for those who have had no experience in rooting.

The MiHome Launcher offers an easy and quick installation that brings all the apps on the Android device to the user’s homescreen. For a truly customized feel, MIUI has thousands of themes and custom icon packs to suit each individual’s tastes and preferences. The launcher also supports more than 10 screens and comes with MiLocker Inside that allows users to unlock their phone via a custom action. A Switches Widget that allows the easy altering of setting as well as a homescreen transition effect are likewise onboard.

Fans of the original MIUI ROM, however, should note that MIUI doesn’t bring all of its features to the MiHome Launcher. To do that, they still have to flash the MIUI ROM onto the phone. What users can enjoy from the app is the lockscreen, some interface features, and of course the massive library of themes created for MIUI, which is a fair compromise that some people will likely appreciate. It is a perfect package for those who like their device to be as personalized as possible.

The MiHome Launcher is free to download from Google Play, where it has already gotten a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. It is furthermore available on the MIUI website.

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