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Mindful Board Games for Android Users

Board games are moving out of childhood memories and into Android devices for new generations and even older ones to enjoy. Once the common companion of children several years back, especially during rainy days, these games were not only great ways to pass time while enjoying, but they also helped young minds learn thinking skills by letting them develop strategies for winning.

One board game is Backgammon, which now comes to Android apps via Backgammon Free by AI Factory Limited. Backgammon Free is based on the 3,000-year old game played in Ancient Egypt, Rome, and India. It offers five gaming levels, hints, stats, and two-player mode. Both the touchscreen and the trackball may be used to control the game pieces. These make it easy and very close to touching the board game physically.

Another game is Wordfeud Free. This game by Bertheussen IT is comparable to the popular Scrabble game. Users think of words to put on a 15 x 15 box. As in Scrabble, points are given to letters that coincide on the Double Letter, Triple Letter, Double Word, and Triple Word tiles. The game gives an alert when the user’s opponent has made a move, which means that they can continue to do something else even while playing the game. The game offers multi-language support and has built-in dictionaries of various languages.

Flood-it by LabPixies meanwhile is a puzzle game whose objective is for a player to fill the game board with a single color in a limited number of moves. It is a game of strategy that can easily be addictive because of its mix of ease and effort. Users can choose three board sizes that provide different levels of difficulty, and are given access to user statistics and game skins.

Lastly, Word Search by Melimots is the paper-free version of the popular game where users hunt for words from a field of letters. The app comes with a built-in timer that lets users know how much time they spent on the puzzle, or use it to challenge themselves to solve it in lesser time.

All these board games are free for downloading from AppBrain, and all have ratings of 4.0 and higher on the app repository.

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