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Mighty Text- a Mightily Useful App Lets You Send SMS from Your Web Browser

How annoying is to switch from your computer at work time and again to read the text you just received? It’s not so annoying if that someone is special.  Indisputably, these situations distract you from your work and hamper your productivity. Wish there was an app which could allow you to switch (Alt + Tab) between your wife and work? Wish there was an app which would allow you to send messages without touching your phone? Well, guess what? Dreams do come true.

Mighty Text is an ingenious app which is ideal for people who work for long hours and eventually spend lots of time in front of computer. This app allows you to send and reply to your phone’s messages from your web browser. Not sure how’s that possible?

Mighty Text registers your device within its database when you first install and run the app. It is available for FREE download from PlayStore.  You are then required to enter an email address and then visit: from your computer. You need to then install the corresponding plugin depending on the type of browser you use. They support all major browsers which include Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE9. When you launch that app on your PC, you would be prompted for an email address and additional information would be retrieved to link your phone to pc. Very soon your phone would get linked remotely with your web browser. You can now send/receive text messages and communicate with your friends using your current Android phone number. You can even see who’s calling you and receive instant notifications. After all, a 14 inch keyboard is a much better option than a 3 inch keypad. It works on both tablets as well as PC and can be pretty useful to send/receive texts and manage calls remotely.

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