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Microsoft’s Windows Phone expected to take over BlackBerry and iPhone in market share

We all know that Microsoft is working hard to make a place for itself in the ever growing world of smart phones. The company is one of the oldest in the business with its Windows Mobile. And recently released a very redesigned and feature rich mobile operating system, the Windows Phone. But still, Microsoft failed to get the attention of the majority of the user base with its classy operating system. On the other hand, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are both enjoying a really good market share with Android on the top and iOS coming right behind to it in the second place.

But analysts say that this is going to change in the coming years. According to the recent IDC report on this story, Microsoft’s Windows Phone will not only take over RIM’s BlackBerry, but will also send Apple’s iOS a place down to 3rd position by 2016. Yes, there have been several reports like this, but IDC has been bold enough to make the report public. According to the report, BlackBerry now has a market share of 9.7%, Apple’s iPhone has around 23%, and Google Android has a whooping 61%. World News Resource writes:

According to IDC, the total market share taken by Windows Phone in 2016 will reach as high as 19.2%, which would therefore demand a considerably reduction in iOS market share in order for the predication to be realized. Android is expected to hold on to the top-spot, though according to the report will fall from its current 61% share of the market to a less domineering 53%.

A major part of this success of Windows Phone is attributed to the efforts of Nokia. The Finnish smart phone manufacturer is working hard to optimize the operating system to run on its mid to low end smart phones, making it more attractive for the Asia and other developing smart phone markets. This is where the operating system is gaining its market share. But iPhone and Android are mainly being worked on for Europe and America. Well, this might just be the right thing.

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