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Microsoft’s Window Phones to Outstrip Apple, But Not Until 2016

A research firm, IDC sent a shocker our way when it announced that Microsoft’s Windows Mobiles, which until recently have been the underdogs in the smartphone race, will eventually overtake Apple. However, Windows phones have a wide chasm to cover, and they will not become the leaders until four years from now, in the year 2016.

Symbian, Nokia’s sole operating system for more than a decade was eliminated from the smartphone race last year when Nokia decided to gamble with Windows Mobile. Researches in Motion (RIM)’s Blackberry operating systems are also have no future, even in board rooms.

Data released by IDC states that right now, Android holds 61% of the smartphone market, Apple holds 20.5%, RIM has 6% while Windows Mobile, has a meager 5.2%. By 2016, Android’s share will be down to 52.9%, Windows will enjoy a 19.2% share of the market while Apple will be down to 19 percent. RIM’s share will remain almost unaltered at 5.2%

Also, do not overlook the fact that Android is currently market leader, and given the wide lead vs competition, it will likely continue to be the market leader even after 4 years. If Android is to reign supreme, we can expect its App Market to grow better than Apple’s App Store.  IDC’s results are most probably based on current market scenario and predictable sale-driving forces. It is pretty evident that if Apple wants to stay afloat, it will have to release a groundbreaking innovation in smartphone technology.  This study may even force Apple to finally slash iPhone prices so that they are closer to Microsoft and Nokia’s offerings.

If IDC’s prophecy turns true, Nokia and Microsoft, the two tech giants supporting Windows platform right now, are sitting on a fortune.

What do you think? Will Apple let Microsoft topple its monopoly?

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