Microsoft’s take on the Xbox ecosystem

Its the E3 week and the whole gaming industry is busy with presentations, demos, and interviews at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Microsoft is one among the many to showcase new games, new gaming console, and some very new and great ideas for the future. The company stands on top in the gaming industry with its awesome gaming console, the Xbox 360. The console has a very solid user experience with all the features a gamer would love to have. On top of this, the console gets most of the new releases and the most expected titles.

Microsoft has a very big stall set up here to present one of the most expected games of the year, HALO 4, along with one new thing, the Smart Glass system. A lot of you have been wondering what this Smart Glass is. It’s been on the tech news for some time. It is “an initiative that is designed both to let users move a wide variety of media easily between devices, and which gives users metadata on content they’re interacting with — and Xbox Music. ”

CNET got a chance to interview Xbox Group PR manager David Dennis, and David gave off a lot of info. Below is a small excerpt from the interview. Follow the via link to find out more.

The only hardware news to come out of any of the three major E3 press briefings was Nintendo’s Wii U. Without those big hardware announcements, or other major news, what’s the rationale for continuing to have these huge press conferences?

Dennis: As you announce products, and provide updates, E3 remains an important beat on the development cycle. Having big events like this, where we can show off new games, and in some cases break news, and provide updates or new details on products gets consumers excited. It’s not just about speaking to press. It’s also about speaking to partners, retails, and other third-party developers about the Xbox platform and how we’re setting it up to have a longer tail than any previous console generation.

And while you can’t always break news at E3, given that it’s six months ahead of the Holiday, you can certainly show new pieces of the story, like video of Gears of War, which was new, or updates on Halo, or news around Call of Duty and other things that haven’t been shown before. It gets consumers excited. The last couple of years, we streamed our briefing on Spike TV, and got record viewership compared to other shows. We think consumers find it compelling, and media do too.


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