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Microsoft Officially Released its First Game for Android Users

Microsoft has finally launched its first game for Android users, called Kinectimals. The app had been available for some time on iOS and Windows 7 before its release on Android.

Just recently, the software giant also showed support for the Google-branded mobile OS by launching Xbox Live for Android. Xbox Live allows users of the game console with Android devices to have access to their gaming-based social network.

Now, the Xbox port Kinectimals is also available on the platform, allowing users to raise their own cute and cuddly cub on an island called Lemuria.

Users can play mini-games with the furry creatures as well as take on challenges that gives points and coins that can be used to buy some virtual items. These items can be seen in an inventory that classifies the items into food, care products, among others. The game moreover has a Camera mode that allows gamers to capture a photo of their pet right in a photography studio complete with backdrops and lighting equipment.

Microsoft offers two gaming modes for the app: a standalone mode for Android users, and a companion mode for those who have an Xbox 360 console and have played the game before. The latter allows users to enjoy five more exclusive animal choices.

Kinectimals version 1.0 costs $2.99 to download from Google Play and is recommended for children or anyone who loves animals, or taking care of a virtual pet, at the very least. On Microsoft, the game has a rating of E, which means that all ages can safely enjoy the game. That said, parents who would be downloading the game for their children are advised to read the playing manual so that they can guide their children on the gameplay.

At present, the app has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 77 reviewers. For it to function, users are required to have an Android device with at least Android 2.2 for it to function properly.

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