Microsoft is not sure about when to release Office for iPad

Rumors since the last year have been indicating that Microsoft is ready with an Office suite for the Apple iPad. This rumor continues. The company has been very active on developing an Office suite for the world’s most used and best selling tablet, the iPad. Apple also has a very good office suite for the iPad, but since Microsoft Office is the most used Office for desktop computers, having the same software on your tablet means you will not be facing any format issues. This is the only thing that has made Microsoft so keen in developing the software.

But even though the rumors say that the project has been started last year, we have not seen or heard any official word from Microsoft on this. May be because this rumor is just a rumor. But it does not seem so. This is because today the New York Times has reported that Microsoft already has a version of its Office suite ready for the Apple iPad. Then why have not we seen it yet? Well, the answer is that Microsoft is not so sure about when to release the software to the market.

Yes, I know, its a bit shocking. But there you have it, that is the truth, according to New York Times. The new agency writes:

According to one of the people familiar with the effort, Microsoft still has not settled important details, such as when it will release the software and how much the software will sell for. Microsoft already offers one small piece of its Office suite for the iPad, a note-taking app, OneNote.

So we may not see the Microsoft Office suite for Apple iPad for some time now. But there is still hope that the Redmond software giant will release its sometime real soon. It also seems like Microsoft is not sure of how much to charge the users for the software. That is a bit not like Microsoft. What do you say?

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  1. Whats the problem? You release it a year after you release the Android version, of course!

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