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Microsoft and German carriers promoting Windows Phone

Microsoft is trying hard to promote its new mobile operating system, the Windows Phone. Before iOS and Android happened, the Windows Mobile platform was running good. But now, Windows Phone has a very less market share. So, the promotion is obviously high. In Germany though, the platform seems to be selling like hot cake. According to the report, German people love Windows Phone and the platform is even a top seller in some regions in the country.

SO the company now wants to improve the chances of taking the platform to a higher level in these regions. For this, the company has come into an understanding with German wireless carriers in which the stores in Germany will be making use of a new concept called the “Store in Store” concept. What exactly is this?

Well, German wireless carriers will have their stores in Germany. In these stores, Microsoft will have its own small store to sell only Windows Phone smartphones. This is ‘store in store.’ This concept will be implemented to give customers some exclusive attention to the Windows Phone platform. This way, customers will get to know more about the platform and the likelihood of selling these smart phones will be more.

But the thing is, not all stores in the country will have this concept implemented, of course. Only those stores where the Windows Phone is a top seller will only implement the concept. Phone Arena writes:

The stores will be opening in July at locations where the Windows Phone is a top seller and the sales staff is motivated to sell the platform. Another tip received by the site says that Microsoft’s Depth Partner Support program, in charge of getting high profile apps launched inside Windows Phone Marketplace, will help get some new high quality apps launched on the German Marketplace in the week ending next Saturday, June 23rd. The word is that some of these apps will be available globally with Microsoft announcing them on June 20th.

This is definitely a good attempt from Microsoft. But have to see if this will work out as expected by Microsoft.

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