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Meet MAID, Your Android-based Microwave!

If smartphones and tablets are not enough to satisfy Android fans, the open-source software has popped up in a microwave called MAID. MAID is a nifty nickname that stands for Microwave Android Integrated Device. On its website, it carries the tagline, “the know-it-all oven” and admonishes men to “divorce their wives” and use the Android-based microwave.

Made in India, the device allegedly cost 20,000 RS to develop and took six months to complete. The device is not yet out in the market, so no one has actually laid hands on the device and put it to work. SectorQube Technolabs Pvt Ltd. , which is the company behind MAID, is expecting to start production this coming December and eyeing a retail price of 7000 to 8000 RS.

An interesting piece of trivia about the company is that it is composed of seven friends who had just graduated from college and looking to make an innovation. SectorQube reportedly is also in the process of developing other devices for home use. Its full list of services includes web development, consumer robotics, embedded systems, and Android beyond app development.

Going back to the device, MAID’s features include auto-cooking for a wide variety of dishes based on a recipe database on the oven. At present, MAID has over 50,000 recipes on offer. Users can even upload their own recipes on the website, where these will be examined by cooking experts before being include in the MAID recipe database. On top of these, voice input on the device makes the cooking process easy and enjoyable.

MAID is another proof of the benefits of open-source software like Android. Although the operating system is mainly seen in mobile devices, it has also been brought to everywhere from car entertainment systems to wristwatches.

A lot of information about MAID is still unknown, such as what its hardware specifications will be, as well as what version of Android OS it will sport. It will be interesting to see Android Ice Cream Sandwich, or even Android Jelly Bean on the device, since the latter will have been available by the time it launches. It would not hurt to have a speedy processor and a healthy amount of RAM and storage, if only to make it a truly impressive package.

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