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Manage Your Phone’s Battery Life with Carat, a Smart New App

Perhaps the worst developed aspect of smartphones is the battery life. When you can do so many things with your phone, battery life is the only hurdle in your way. And if industry expert are to be believed, battery life is improving at just 5% per year. With such little growth, we could do with smart apps that teach us how to make our battery last longer. Carat is one such app, currently the most efficient battery life management utility available.

Carat was developed by a team of top-notch electrical scientists at the UC Berkely’s AMP (Algorithms, Machines and People)lab. It is more of a research byproduct than a commercial app. It collects battery life usage data from various apps, combines it with anonymous data, performs calculations complex enough for us to understand and delivers suggestions.

The suggestions that Carat delivers include the name of the app to be killed and the expected improvement in battery life it would facilitate. For example, a Carat result read “Kill Norton Antivirus-Expected Battery Life Improvement: 2 hours 30 minutes. Carat is also able to identify battery hogging apps which may not have been designed to eat into battery life but may still be doing it because of bugs or malfunctioning. In this case, Carat will help you repair the app or delete and download it again. The best part is, Carat is available for free for both iOS and Android.

The stellar results may come at a price. Would you be comfortable with an app accessing your data usage to help you manage your battery life better? Carat is a non-profit app and would most likely not be interested in its user’s data usage patterns. However, if a commercial app were to do it, maybe only to display relevant adverts, it could pose some serious privacy issues.

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