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Making Money Apps For Smartphone Users

All the major headlines these days seem to be about how Facebook can monetize their mobile traffic and make money off you.  The FB shareholders are all focused on how the company can lure you to purchase items via mobile apps, or encourage you to click on mobile ads so they can make money indirectly through you.  It’s a growing trend where the new tech companies are learning to monetize off the smartphone owners and users.  But there are actually a few apps that can make you money by using your smartphone for regular tasks.  Here are some apps that rewards their users for using their smartphones, the rewards typically comes in the form of credits, gift certificates, or even cold hard cash.

1) Gigwalk

Users can find gigs near by from their current location and find “gigs” that are offered for a small fee.  You can pick up simple gigs such as checking if there’s parking spots available in certain lots during rush hour or events, or snapping photo of roads under construction to find detours, or even just snapping a photo of a restaurant menu near by.  These are mostly simple tasks where you can pick up a few extra bucks.

2) Smoopa

Smoopa is a price scanner app available on both iPhone and Android phones.   Similar to Amazon’s price scanner to check if you’re getting the best price while you’re out shopping, it compares prices against the largest retail stores online such as and  Smoopa leverages its users to scan the latest prices in the stores and rewards users with gift cards, rebate checks, or donations to charity.

3) Field Agent

The app pays users to complete surveys, that photos and other miscellaneous tasks.  Like others, the tasks typically pay under $5, but they’re great opportunities to pick up a few bucks for simple tasks.

4) Jingit

Jingit is a service that offers users money to watch online ads and videos from corporate advertisers. Some people have been paid around $2-3 for watching 15 minute videos. Earlier in the year they’ve gone quiet to find more clients, and appears that they are now back up and running again.

5) AirRun

This app is essentially a marketplace that posts jobs for hire to run errands, such as local deliver or picking up items from stores.

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