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LG Has the World’s Thinnest Ultrabook with Xnote Z350?

LG is launching a follow-up to last year’s XNote Z330 ultrabook called the XNote Z350. The most notable change that this upgrade brings is the new Intel Ivy Bridge processor.

Details regarding the specifications of the LG XNote Z350 are quite scant, since LG itself has not released a full list of what the ultrabook carries. Nonetheless, from what LG has announced, the device comes with a 13.3-inch thin bezel glossy LCD. Its chassis is ultra-thin, as per the requirement for ultrabooks, and features a matte silver color, black chiclet keyboard, and a large trackpad. It also sports a sleek wedge shape and looks basically like most other ultrabooks available in the market today, as many companies appear to be striving for the very same look in ultrabooks.

The stickers on the palm rest boast of the Intel Core i5 or i7 processor inside. There is also an SSD SATA 3 storage, which makes accessing files super fast, and brings booting time to only 9 seconds. There is no word on what GPU it carries, but it might very well be Kepler, which is becoming the standard in new Ultrabooks. A WiDi module on the Ultrabook moreover allows it to stream Full High Definition 1080p videos to televisions which recognize WiDi. Three USB 3.0 ports are also onboard, along with a LAN port, and a microSD port.

LG asserts that this notebook PC is currently the world’s thinnest ultrabook at only 14.7 mm thick. If the claim is true, it beats the Acer S5 which also alleged that it was the thinnest at only 15 mm thick. Then again, the XNote Z350’s predecessor, the XNote Z330 was also only 15 mm thick, so the Acer S5 might not even have been the world’s thinnest. At any rate, what is more important is the list of capabilities of the device, which LG will soon announce as it further promotes the new XNote Z350.

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