Leaked Huawei M660 Smartphone Might Land to Cricket Wireless

Huawei knows how to stand out from the sea of touchscreen smartphones available today by combining the touchscreen with a physical keyboard. The result, called the Huawei M660, appears like a fusion of a Blackberry and an Android phone, which might just be what people who like both form factors need.

The Huawei M660 is rumored to have a 3.2-inch display with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels and Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. It might also have a micro SD card slot for memory expansion. Based on some leaked images, its QWERTY keyboard has characters arranged neatly in four rows sans the traditional staggered columns. A rear-facing camera, possibly with a three-megapixel sensor, is present on the same set of photos.

There is, however, no word as to what processor it will carry or how much internal storage space is available. That said, its alleged specifications all hint that this is not a high-end device, so consumers should not set their expectations too high on the smartphone.

It is speculated, as well, that the device will be renamed to Ascend Q when it is finally marketed. Furthermore, the device could be headed to Cricket Wireless.

The device seems like a good competitor against SGH-T699, another fresh QWERTY Android phone from Samsung with a similar combination of a touchscreen plus a physical keyboard carried by T-Mobile. Yet, in contrast with the Huawei M660, the SGH-T699 is equipped with better specifications, including a 5 MP rear camera, a 1.3 MP front camera, and a High Definition resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The Samsung device furthermore has a sliding keyboard as opposed to the Huawei M660’s keyboard which is located right below the touchscreen display.

While this is certainly not at par with high-end devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Huawei M660 or the Huawei Ascend Q could offer a good option for budget-conscious consumers. Coupled with Cricket Wireless’s pay-as-you-go services, it will furthermore allow users to keep their expenses controlled.

via android community

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