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Leaked Document Hints Xbox 720 Console

Microsoft is currently working on the next iteration of the Xbox gaming console called the Xbox 720. This information comes from a leaked document which also reveals that the device is scheduled to be launched next year.

The leaked document is a bit old, dated way August 2010. In it, Microsoft makes mention of then-impending updates such as SmartGlass technology, Xbox TV apps as well as the Metro dashboard. Yet the juiciest parts of the presentation, of course, refer to the future Xbox 720.

The Xbox 720 will introduce new innovations such as the addition of Blu-Ray, concurrent apps, and an “always on” mode. Also, Microsoft will attempt to boost performance for up to 6 times. Full 1080p output and 3D viewing support are furthermore planned.

As for the hardware, Microsoft had been planning the console to be scalable in terms of processor cores. Specifically, a choice between 6 or 8 ARM- or x86-based cores clocked at 2 GHz and 4 GB of DDR4 memory was mentioned along with three PPC cores, each with a frequency of 3.2 GHz that would enable compatibility titles from the Xbox 360.

There was reference to a VR-based way of enjoying content that could be made possible through wireless glasses that would be able to connect to both Wi-Fi or 4G and the console. However, this technology is still slated to arrive in 2014, which is past the target date for the console.

Microsoft appeared to have been envisioning the device to be the center of entertainment in the living room, supplying other functions such as TV recording as well as a Windows 8 OS that would enable app developers to easily port apps from the PC and the Windows Phone to the gaming console. This vision seems to be likely given that Microsoft is already offering ESPN, Netflix, and Hulu content to begin with. Meanwhile, the latter should be obvious as the trend these days even with Apple and Android is to provide a seamless experience across devices.

Images of a concept design are moreover available on the presentation, although it is doubtful whether the design, which resembles a set-top box, could be the final product.

Microsoft estimated that the device would sell at $299 and would have a life cycle of up to ten years.

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