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iPhone Maps To Come Integrated With Yelp’s Check-In Feature

Apple’s iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices have used Google Maps as their default location finding application ever since their inception. The Cupertino company’s last conference however saw that change. The latest version of the OS, iOS 6 will completely ditch Google’s Map app for it’s very own Apple maps, when it will be made available for download later this year. Bloomberg news has now reported that the Yelp Check-in feature, which lets users broadcast their location to their friends, will be an integral part of iOS maps.
This would mean that the Yelp check-in feature can be accessed without having to close the iOS maps or having to open the Yelp app separately.

The Yelp mobile app basically is a service which lets you locate mainly local shops and stores or for that matter any business institution, no matter how small it is. It’s check-in feature was developed as a way to help local businesses keep track of their customers and help provide better services.
The other companies that provide similar check-in services are Foursquare Labs Inc. and Facebook. The relationship between Apple and Yelp is thus going to a symbiotic one, with iOS maps getting Yelp’s popular check-in feature and Yelp getting a large and regularly used platform to help it better compete with Facebook or Foursquare Labs.

Bloomberg found out about the matter by examining the Developer Kit which Apple provides to it’s developers, which contained screen-shots of iOS maps with Yelp check-in feature.

Check-in features use the phone’s built in GPS to help users share information about which events and merchant outlets they are visiting. Thus, Yulp is particularly famous among local merchant outlets and local business groups. In fact, 70 percent of Yelp’s revenue in the year 2011 came from local advertisements.

Also, with the help of Yelp and check-in, iOS maps is slowly moving towards being filling the gap left by the eviction of Google Maps.

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