iPad leads tablet internet traffic, Nook overtakes Kindle Fire

Tablets are one of the most easiest ways to get online in today’s mobile world. Wherever you are, you will need internet for some reason or the other, even in exam halls. Well, tablets provide an easy way to get connected on a sufficiently large display. There are literally hundreds of Android tablets available in the market, and Apple has its iPad against the hundreds of Android tablets. The iPad constituted to 94.6 percentage of the internet traffic coming from tablets according to Chitika. It was at the top. It still continues to lead the list with 91 percentage of the hundreds of millions of web traffic impressions during June.  There is a decline, yes.

And analysts believe that this percentage is going to decline more by the fall as Microsoft will be releasing its new operating system, Windows 8, and there are many tablets suspected to be coming out with the operating system. Therefore, there would be one more competitor to Apple’s iPad along with Android tablets.

Coming to ebook readers, there are again many of them, most of them based on the Google mobile operating system, Android. Two of the most popular ones are the Barnes & Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Since its release, the Amazon Kindle Fire has been the most popular ebook reader. This is because it is based on Android, and it is part ebook reader and part tablet. You get a nice color touch screen display, Amazon’s App Store and more. You can use it as a mid range or an entry level tablet. So obviously, the internet traffic from the Kindle Fire was more compared to Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

But now, according to the new Chitika report, this has reversed. CNET writes:

Aside from the traffic drop experienced by the iPad, the most notable finding was that the Nook had overtaken the Kindle Fire in Web traffic impressions. Compared with an earlier study of tablet traffic, the Kindle Fire maintained its 0.71 percent market share, while the Nook surged past the Kindle Fire with a 0.85 percent market share.

Chitika says the following in its report:

In the time since that study, Barnes & Noble have launched a new advertising campaign, and their newest device sold out within weeks. While that device is a simple e-reader without Web browsing capabilities, the increase in Nook use may be attributed to brand familiarity through these advertisements.

Without a doubt, the tablet market has become a real and significant source of Web traffic, and developers must be sure their sites are formatted across all operating systems. Outside of Web traffic, applications running on tablets present a huge opportunity for advertisers to reach their desired market.

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