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iOS 6 Wishlist: Five Features I Hope Apple Includes in iOS 6

Apple may give us a teaser of the much waited iOS 6 at WWDC on June 11, 2012. We are excited to see iOS 6 Maps App, after its recent divorce with Google Maps. Siri in action on the iPad may also be a pleasant sight. Here is a lowdown of the features that we hope Apple sends our way with the iOS 6:

1.       First things first, we hope Apple expands the ways in which we can touch the screen. I am talking about new touchscreen gestures here like a two-finger tap. It would not only improve usability but also open new horizons for game apps.

2.       Revamped apps like Mail app, calendar and iTunes to improve their functionality. I hope iClouds, one of Apple’s most recent products is improved in iOS 6. Addition of a tab dedicated to iCloud would be such a handy inclusion.

3.       I think many of us would love it if Apple included automatic app updates. Manually updating every app is tedious. iOS 6 users definitely deserve better.

4.       A widget-equipped notification centre. We have been waiting far too long for this.

5.       Lastly, even though Apple allocates its memory very efficiently and the devices don’t exactly “hog” battery, a different approach to memory allocation through newer data structures could further prolong the battery life.


These are the changes that Apple may most likely make. We all would like a copy-paste function for photos, a more democratic Bluetooth and a generally greater freedom with the location and appearance of the apps but given Apple’s history of vicious product control, iOS 6may disappoint on these fronts.

Apple may not fulfill most of our wishes but it will most likely include these five features. If you were to give Apple, a piece of your mind, what other features would you like it to include in iOS 6?

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