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iOS 6 will need you to give permissions to apps

Get ready to give a lot of permissions to different apps if you are going to be using iOS 6 from now. This is because the new iOS 6 will need its users to grant permissions to apps which want to use user data such as contacts, location, push notifications, and more. This is because it has been discovered that apps such as Path, Twitter, and other upload a user’s address book to their servers to make the experience on the mobile device better by finding friends who use the respective services.

For some users, it makes no difference if an app is collecting user data such as address book, but for some people who talk a lot of business and work on their smart phones and have contacts of some important people, this can be very dangerous. This has become a very major issue, and Apple is not ready to take any risks anymore. So what is the solution? Let the users decide what they want to share and what they do not want to share. It is pretty simple.

Apple has been under pressure from the United States Congressmen to prevent apps running on iOS from collecting such user data. And the company had promised that it would make giving permissions to apps explicit. And it now looks like the change has been implemented in the upcoming iOS 6.

All the apps which access users’ address book, calendars, reminders, photos, and the like will need to get permission from the user explicitly to use these contents. This is good in a way, but irritating in another way. This is because you will have to give permissions to do the following as well:

  • When it wants to access your location (Apple had to add this due to the location tracking issue last year)
  • When it wants to send you push notification
  • When it wants to integrate with Twitter and with iOS 6 also Facebook

You will have to give permissions each time the app needs to access user data. Instead of  this, Apple could have designed the OS in such a way that it would ask for permissions only during the time of installing the app, like on Android. What do you say?

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