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iOS 6 has government alert features

How would it be to receive a message on your smart phone telling you about a national emergency or an earthquake or something like that? Well, I do not wish such a situation would come, but what if such a situation comes and you are not ready? Well, that would be really bad. But now, Apple seems to have a solution to this.

Yes, the Cupertino tech giant has added a new feature to its new and yet to be released iOS 6 operating system that will let you know about such situations all by itself, that is if you allow it to. The new mobile operating system by Apple is capable of alerting you of such situations if the United States government sends such a message. The ability to send such critical alerts lies with the US government only.

If you have already got your copy of the new iOS 6 on your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to see this already on your device. CNET reports that it has seen such a feature and that there is a way to opt in and opt out of the AMBER and emergency alerts. If you want to opt out, you can go to the Settings app and find the toggle to enable and disable the alerts.

iPhone Hack explains:

The new feature allows users to receive alerts from local, state, and federal officials through the initiative FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System. Users can also receive Amber Alerts – a child abduction alert issued upon the suspected abduction of a child.

The National Weather Service is also expected to start issuing Wireless Emergency Alerts by the end of June, which means that users will be able to receive weather related alerts on their iPhones.

If you remember, during the Japan earthquake last year, Apple had included a feature to receive notifications from Japan’s advanced earthquake early warning system so that people can be ready to face the earthquake when it comes. I guess that all mobile operating systems should provide this feature, as the mobile phone is the fastest way to reach a person that anything else.

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