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InstaSocial for iOS 5 brings Twitter and Facebook to notification center

If you are a social network addict, you will for sure love two new features on the new iOS 6, they are the ability to post a new status update to Facebook and tweet on Twitter right from the notification bar. Yes, that is awesome for sure. But the downside is that Apple will be bringing this feature only to the new iOS 6, and not to the older iOS 5. Well, this is its attempt to make people buy new devices thereby increasing its profits.

But if you do not want to do this, and want to get Twitter and Facebook integration into your notification bar, you are at the right place. All you need to have is an iPhone or an iPad which is running on iOS 5.x.x and is jailbroken. Yes, having the root access, that is being jailbroken, is a must for this feature.

Once you have this, you can go to the Cydia app store and search for InstaTwitter and InstaFacebook, two apps which let you Tweet and post to Facebook right from your notification center. These two apps are available for free on the Cydia App Store right now. But the only issue with this is that the app opens up Safari to post the updates, which is a bit annoying as your current work will be interrupted. And if you do not want this to happen, you have to shell out a few bucks from your wallet.

The same developer, NobitaZZZ, who has uploaded InstaTwitter and InstaFacebook, has uploaded another app called InstaSocial on the Cydia app store which does the work of InstaTwitter and InstaFacebook combined and without even opening the Safari browser. If you are impressed with this, you can buy the app for just $1.99. If you are trying this out, do let us know your experience in the comments below.

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