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Instapaper App Open for Grabs at Google Play

Instapaper is finally available for Android users via Google Play. Originally an iOS-device exclusive, the device will soon help Android users to save online articles from magazines, journals, and blogs for reading later when they are out of range from an Internet connection.

The app saves these kinds of content as text only, removing formatting as well as photos and other clutter for simplicity. As many as 500 articles can be saved on Android devices, while an unlimited number can be stored on Instapaper’s website.

Instapaper, however, is more than just an offline reading device. It also adds several features that make reading on mobile devices an enjoyable and convenient experience. Users are able to choose their preferred font face, font size, line space measurement, and margin.

Organizing content according to topic is possible via the creation of custom folders. User can as well specify day and night reading modes. For instance, during the day, when they can read in bright ambient light, they may lower the screen brightness.

On the other hand, during the night, or when they are reading in dark locations, they can increase the brightness. Instapaper even comes with a feature that instantly switches the settings to Dark mode during the time the sun sets. Not all devices, however, can enjoy this automatic Dark mode control.

Instapaper requires registration on their website before users can enjoy the app. This is free, and includes a guide on how to use Instapaper. Registration furthermore enables users to sync articles across various devices.

Interestingly, Instapaper had been created by Marco Arment, who is a vocal Apple supporter and detractor of Android. He decided, however, to sell the app to Southbound Software, and later gave the go signal to make it available for Android users.

[easyazon-link asin=”B0088YACP8″ locale=”us”]Instapaper costs $2.99[/easyazon-link] from Google Play and joins the slew of many other reading apps available for Android users. Among these are Pulse, Pocket, and Readability. Southbound Software offers a similar app but with lesser features called Read Later for Instapaper, as well. Read Later is free as opposed to the full app.

via android authority

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