Icenium Takes Mobile App Development into the Cloud

Nowadays there exist millions of apps, across various mobile platforms, which make our life easier. But the folks at Telerik have come up with an innovative solution which makes the process of developing an app easier. They have just launched an integrated cloud environment, named Icenium, using which developers will be able to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android, with support for other mobile platforms to be expected in the future.

Icenium will greatly enhance the productivity and efficiency of app developers, by giving them a common platform. They will be able to create apps in languages such as HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 and run them natively on mobile phones. These apps can also be distributed through the App store and Google Play. Since all the processing takes place in the cloud, the need to install the IDEs on the system is eliminated. Working on the cloud will also lend developers a great deal of mobility and security.

Developers will be able to see their app running, without needing a mobile device. They can also make changes and see the results in real time. As is obvious, the whole development process becomes a lot simpler and the developers can devote their full energy to designing and coding, without worrying about the SDK and other technicalities that come with each development platform. Therefore, Icenium is an exciting service for both, beginner and established app developers.

Access to Icenium is currently available on an invite only basis. Developers can visit their website and leave their email addresses for invites. In time, they will receive a code using which they will be able to sign up for their free beta trial.

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