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Huawei M660 spotted in the wild

Last month, we had seen a rumor about the Huawei Android smart phone named M660. We had only seen a very low resolution image of the smart phone which was probably taken for press release or something. But now we have a much more info on the device. Phone Arena has been lucky enough to get their hands on the Huawei M660 and they have some exclusive news about the device.

To begin with, the Huawei M660 will be running on Android 2.3, also known as Gingerbread. Yes, it is a very old version of the mobile operating system. But well, that is what the company is offering. Next, the smart phone will have a 3.2 inch touch screen display and three touch sensitive standard Android buttons (menu, home, and back). The major attraction here is the physical QWERTY keyboard. Yes, the smart phone comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard, which makes it another Android messaging smart phone.

We had the rumor last month that the Huawei M660 will come to Sprint in the United States. But Phone Arena now says that the rumors indicate the messaging smart phone may instead go to Cricket. The sales of such a messaging smart phone would not be too high, and Sprint would not want to waste its time in the promotion of such a device which is not sure of bringing in more profits to the wireless carrier.

So how much will the Huawei M660 cost you? Well, looking at the specs of the smart phone, it should not be more than a couple of hundred dollars without any contract, and not more than $50 with contract. But hey, we cannot be completely sure of that, can we?

We will get to know more about the smart phone in just a few days as the smart phone is expected to be coming to store this month.

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