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HTC Yavuz Could Be World’s Thinnest Phone at 5mm

With the recent patent issues against Apple behind them, the focus for HTC is back on what they do best, the design and performance of smartphones, lets check out some HTC rumors.  In past few days, some HTC concept phones came to light, with the spotlight mostly focused on the “HTC Yavuz”.  The word Yavuz is a common Turkish male name and also means “stern” or “resolute”, with that name, HTC could be looking to design a tough and sturdy phone to go with a sleek and compact design.  According to,  the Yavuz would be only 4.7 inches diagonally and roughly 4.5mm to 5mm think, which would be the thinnest phones ever made, roughly 20% thinner than the ZTE Athena of 6.2mm in depth.

To put the size in perspective, the Yavuz would be measured at just about half of the thickness of the HTC One X, and the HTC One X’s size is actually considered fairly thin in its own right.  As the photo above illustrates, two HTC Yavuz phones combined is roughly the same size as one HTC One X.

By looking at the specs, it appears that HTC may be gearing toward an all wireless connectivity setup.  The battery supports wireless charging and the smooth edges does not have any slots for microUSB or even for the earjack.  The move would make sense.  There has to be a more advanced way to listen to music without the bulky cord from the headset hanging down and wrapping around you.  To further the wireless connectivity, in addition to the LTE+, the Yavuz appears to have the option of using bluetooth or NFC (near field communication) to transmit data. With NFC, users can establish communication with each bringing the phones near each other, making data transmission much faster. Sending contacts, photos, and songs with friends would be much easier. The biggest advantage of the NFC technology could be the possibility of making payments using your phone much like you do with a key fob, simply swipe and go.

This phone also comes with nice kick in performance, below are the preliminary specs for the Yavuz.

Processor: quad core 1.5 GHz
Operating System: Likely next generation Android 5 (4.1?) Jellybean
Display: 1080p IPS
SIM: integrated SIM card
Camera: 10MP HD, 1.3MP front facing
Connectivity: Bluetooth,NFC,LTE+
Speaker: integrated Beats Audio speaker
Battery: 2050 mAh (supports wireless charging!)

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