HTC smart phones now become Play Station Certified

Sony started the whole Play Station Certification to gain some market share in the ever increasing mobile gaming industry. The mobile gaming industry is getting new customers on a daily basis and the companies involved in the market are taking very good care to keep it that way. The Play Station Certification started with Sony’s Xperai Play smart phone, which was supposed to be an awesome Play Station smart phone. Play Station fans have shown interests in an actual Play Station smart phone. When the rumors started flowing in about a Play Station smart phone, the gaming industry and the smart phone industry was waiting eagerly. But the industry was introduced to a very big flop. With the smart phone, the concept of Play Station Certification also became a flop.

But this has not let the company down. Sony still thinks that it can make a difference with the concept and is trying hard to bring it up. But the unavailability of classic Play Station titles is really making it difficult for Sony. Now, Sony has announced that HTC has been added to the Play Station bandwagon on request. HTC’s decision to join the Play Station Certification might be one of the moves to enhance some of its core features. Other moves include the addition of Beats Audio and an improved camera.

The company has already released a new series of smart phone sporting these two things, the One series of awesome smart phones. And after Sony’s announcement, we came to know that the One series of smart phones are the first HTC smart phones which are already Play Station Certified. This is going to be a very glad news for the One series smart phone owners as they have one more thing to brag about. But this also means that a new collection of games has opened up for them which will remain exclusive for their devices and only a few others.

Are you a HTC One smart phone owner? Did you try downloading any Play Station Certified game?