HTC One X Nailed The Design With Gorilla Glass

Can your phone double as a hammer?  this anDroid does…

An interesting video had recently surfaced showing a HTC engineer hammering away at a nail into a piece of 2 by 4….with the screen of a HTC One X phone!   Assuming this is legitimate and there’s no tricks done to the video, this short clip shows the engineer starting off with a nail and a piece of wood, then he proceeds to use the face of the HTC One X to hammer in the nail.  HTC One X is one of several smartphone models that currently utilizing the Corning Gorilla Glass technology, which is known to be scratch resistant, and apparently tough as nails.

Man Cries Foul After Screen Shatters

But can the phone’s screen possibly be strong enough to withstand that type of abuse? One gentleman from Taiwan put his brand new $700 HTC One X to the test.  According to the reports, this gentleman was intrigued by the youtube clip and decided to try the experiment for himself.  He began by knocking the face of the screen against the knob of his stick shift in his car for about a dozen times.  No problem.  The Gorilla Glass is puffing his chest at this point and withstanding the punishment as advertised.  But he probably should have stopped at that point.  Reportedly, he then proceeded to replicate the hammer test for himself, but in this case, the face shatters within three knocks.  The damage was a roughly $200 bill and a whole lot of regret.  I would say he’s lucky damage was done only on the screen itself.  Lesson learned.



Gorilla Glass Screen

Regardless of this man’s success (or rather, lack of success) with the nail, the impact resistant Gorilla Glass has been a popular feature in the recently released smartphone models, some of them include the Nokia Lumia series, Samsung Galaxy series, LG Optimus series, and the HTC models, just to name a few.   Developed by Corning, the Gorilla Glass is designed to be incredibly thin, making it perfect for cell phones.  The material is an alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass, and with Corning’s secret sauce, they’re able to develop this incredible technology that is resistant to ALMOST all impacts.

If you or someone you know decides to put the Gorilla Glass to the hammer test, be sure to let us know about it!

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