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HTC exiting Brazilian market

HTC is one of the major smart phone manufacturers is the world from a quite a few years now. The company has its stores and offers its products in almost all the major markets in the world. The company is releasing smart phones right from the time when Microsoft started releasing Windows Mobile version of its mobile operating system. The company has a rich history. But now, after the iPhone happened and the search engine giant, Google, released its own mobile operating system, Android, HTC has started seeing some losses.

HTC was doing well initially with Android as well. But eventually, as Samsung started off with the Galaxy series of Android smart phones, the South Korean Android smart phone giant started acquiring a large amount of Android smart phone market share. With new and improved smart phones coming out from Samsung regularly, both in the mid range and high end smart phone markets, the Taiwanese company, HTC, is finding it difficult to cope up with the competition.

In between this, Nokia, the once major smart phone manufacturer in the world, has tied up with Microsoft to release Windows Phone smart phones, and the Brazilian market is still rich of Nokia smart phones. Samsung is also doing good in Brazil, which is giving HTC a very hard time.

HTC has been seeing losses in the country for a few years now, and even the release of new smart phones did not help the company much. HTC had plans of releasing the new One series of smart phones in Brazil, but it has cancelled it now. Not just the One series of smart phones, but the company is quitting the Brazilian market completely. Yes, HTC is not going to sell any of its smart phones in the country. This surely comes as a big shock to most of us, but this is really happening.

If you are an HTC customer in Brazil, you do not have to worry about customer support as the company is not pulling that off. With over 27 million existing customers in the country, HTC would not want to stop customer support as well. But will it come back to the market in the near future? Well, that still remains an unanswered question.

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